NOV. 13 2020

Puerto Rico

Convention Center

The Biggest Women Summit of the Americas

Why Animus?

Animus is for everyone—entrepreneurs, professionals, students, influencers—anyone who wants to grow, contribute and move forward.
We will provide you with the necessary ideas, perspective, and tools to drive you forward, no matter where you are in your journey.


Experience dynamic talks on mindfulness, innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, personal branding and other topics given by more than 25 locally and internationally renowned entrepreneurs, industry leaders and academics.

You will leave the summit equipped with actionable items you can implement immediately to improve your personal and professional self.


Networking can be difficult. We know.

The first step is to show up. Meet and connect with leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and find your next potential ally, mentor and collaborator.

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Animus Marketplace is a creative space to showcase and promote innovative, women-led companies that are shinning in the arts, fashion, service, entertainment, technology and manufacturing industries.

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