Dare To Be Different
November 9, 2018 vuelo6

At the 2017 Animus Women’s Innovation Summit, Laura Om and Cristina Zoé Mejía discuss the power of embracing who you are and that which makes you unique.

Laura OM is a born leader, entrepreneur and cosmetologist who dreamed of starting her own business. She opened beauty salon OM Studio in Condado and became known as the Queen of Curls in the media because of her unique and modern style. Laura also opened Pa’l Cielo, a “glorified chinchorro” frequented by celebrities, and Mexican restaurant La B de Burro. Now, she is focusing on OM Studio/ Vintage Beauty Market in Loiza Street, which features her line of organic hair products OM My Goodness and a POP THE POP UP project to support local micro-enterprises. Laura plans to franchise these successful concepts internationally.

Cristina Zoé Mejía is the 2017 Youth of the Year, for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico. At just 17 years old, Cristina has developed into an independent, optimistic and spirited young woman. She joined the club at 13 to do something positive with her time while her parents worked. The club helped her raise her grades, learn art and dance, overcome her shyness, mature intellectually and emotionally. She also developed leadership skills, which she used to help her community, especially victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Her message to peers: change can happen once you accept yourself as you are.

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