The Servant Leader
October 9, 2018 vuelo6

During his address at the 2016 Animus Summit, Carlos R. Cobián discusses John Maxwell’s 5 levels of leadership, Robert K. Greenleaf’s concept of the “Servant Leader” and his own journey to be the best leader he can be.

Carlos R. Cobián is an accomplished entrepreneur recognized for developing successful businesses in Latin America and for his forward-thinking, innovative and collaborative approach to business. In 2014 Carlos founded Cobian Media to provide cutting-edge digital marketing services and produce special events designed to inspire and empower individuals, businesses and entire industries to grow and reach their highest potential. Cobian Media is the force behind acclaimed events such as Animus Summit, H3 Tech Conference and Agrohack.

Animus is an innovation summit designed to inspire women to reach their highest level of personal and professional development.

Animus is for all women—employees, executives, entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, volunteers—anyone who wants to grow and make a difference.