Ready, Set, Go
octubre 9, 2018 vuelo6

During her address at the 2016 Animus Summit, Chana Cohen discusses energy, balance and embracing the unknown as she primes the audience for the day ahead.

Born in Israel, Chana Cohen moved to Puerto Rico in 1985, where she had children and worked on real estate. She was introduced to yoga 10 years ago while suffering from chronic pain. Chana slowly recovered and learned how the physical, emotional and spiritual realms are connected. In 2007 she received her Ashtanga yoga teacher’s certification. Chana, who believes our most valuable currency is the positive impact we have on people, is passionate about helping women reach their fullest potential.

Animus is an innovation summit designed to inspire women to reach their highest level of personal and professional development.

Animus is for all women—employees, executives, entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, volunteers—anyone who wants to grow and make a difference.