From healthcare to profit
septiembre 9, 2018 vuelo6

During her presentation at the 2015 Animus Summit, Catherine Cuello discusses the road that led her to create GreenHopping, an app/e-commerce platform built to inspire change in people’s lifestyle choices. The app facilitates access to healthy plant-based eateries in 14 cities.

Prior to GreenHopping, she worked in corporate and political communications in New York City. Alley Watch recently named her among its 28 N.Y.C. FoodTech Entrepreneurs You Must Know, while TeckWeek and SXSW selected GreenHopping as a Launch Competitor. Catherine has a bachelor’s in international relations and politics from Coventry University, England, and is working on a master’s in food policy at NYU. She is a yogi and a vegan who advocates mindfulness and flexibility in the workplace.