Become a global player without losing your local flavor
August 26, 2019 vuelo6

During her speech at the 2018 Animus Women’s Innovation Summit, Carmen Ríos discusses her entrepreneurial journey and keeping her local flavor while expanding her business abroad.

Born into a humble family and educated in the public education system in Puerto Rico, Carmen Ríos, at the age of 18, started to work at a small company Dulzura Borincana. Based in Aguada, Puerto Rico, Carmen has lead the business to export its products, local delicacies, to every corner of the US mainland. She has received  the Young Entrepreneurs of the Year, Excellence in Quality, Executive Woman 2018, and Manufacturer of the year, among others. Carmen has overcome many adversities, including a catastrophic illness within her family, which has made her a proactive and visionary person with a great sense of solidarity with others.