Dream wild: Finding the fuerza to Go big
September 9, 2018 vuelo6

At the 2015 Animus Summit, Michelle Herrera discusses asking for help, shaking things up, being relentless and finding the strength to go big.

As a prolific author and journalist for more than 10 years, Michelle has worked to capture the surging Latina voice in the United States. She coedited and contributed to “Border-Line Personalities,” a groundbreaking collection of essays that won an Outstanding Contribution to Hispanic Studies Award. Michelle edited “Juicy Mangos,” the first-ever literary collection of Latina erotica in English. She has published articles in Time, Publishers Weekly, and Teen People magazines, among others. She was an associate articles editor at Latina and coordinated a special issue of Time Latin America focusing on young Mexican leaders. She is working on her first novel.