My Music, My Art
August 26, 2019 vuelo6

During her presentation at the 2018 Animus Women’s Innovation Summit, Maribel Delgado gives a virtuoso performance on her “Cuatro” (a string instrument derived from the Spanish guitar) and discusses her music and her career.

Maribel Delgado is a virtuous “Cuatrista” who has delighted international audiences. From the young age of nine, she began to play the Cuatro, inspired by her father and grandfather. With her 2003 debut album “El Cuatro en Manos de una Mujer,” Maribel became the first female cuatrista to record a solo album. In 2008 she created a virtual method to teach the cuatro online to students throughout the world. She has performed as a soloist with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra and the Ohio Symphony Orchestra.