Reimagining yourself beyond your job title
September 9, 2018 vuelo6

During her address at the 2015 Animus Summit, Julizzette Colón discusses her journey to reinvent her life and achieve success and fulfilment.

Lawyer, social media scholar and founder the first social intelligence firm in the Caribbean are just a few ways to describe Julizzette Colón-Bilbraut. Her firm, Monitor SN, shows companies how to leverage social media and digital competitive intelligence to advance their business and marketing goals. Nearly 100 interviews validate Julizzette’s influence with the local media. In 2013, she drafted an anti- cyberbullying bill that was brought to the Senate floor. From 2010 to 2012, Julizzette ran, a video blog offering legal advice on internet and social media matters. She also gives law and social media seminars for lawyers, judges and clerks.